My Confidence

I know a lot of people that walk through life with an extraordinary amount of confidence. They’re confident with their skills, themselves, their lives, their futures. It isn’t cocky. It isn’t obnoxious.

It’s confidence.

I understand that self-assured confidence can make one cocky, obnoxious, annoying and whatever other word you can think of. I don’t agree with this kind of confidence. The more highly you think of yourself, the harder you fall when someone/something knocks you off your pedestal.

I like and admire a person with confidence.

And it hurts when I see it in you but you don’t.

See, I know I’m blessed to play the piano. I know that my fingers move over a set of ivories because He gave me the ability. Hence, I play with absolute confidence because I know, accept and understand why I can play the way I do.

My confidence rests in the hands of the One who created me. He saw fit to gift me and I am honored to hone this gift.

So where does your confidence lie? Does it rest in what you think you can do? Or does it rest in what you know you can do and why you can do it?

Here’s to never forgetting where your confidence comes from. And here’s to knowing that the One who gifted you has also given gifted you with confidence to hone your gift.


3 thoughts on “My Confidence

    • This might not even apply, so ignore if it doesn’t, but sometimes becoming a new mommy ebbs away that sharp edge of confidence we had before the baby came along. Sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know if this the root of your insecurity but whatever it is, I’ll pray you find your confidence again. 🙂

  1. i love this one.

    mainly because i dealt with and still deal with being insecure. although i’m not as insecure as i used to be and i’d have to say that it’s because i KNOW where my place is in Christ. with everything thats been happening within the past two years, my confidence was knocked down to barely nothing. but since i’ve been able to really let go of it all, i have found my place in God. and because i have, i’m able to see past my flaws and know that God is working within me and doing GREAT things! yes, i still have my days where i get caught up in my weight and skin condition. but then i’m reminded of what beauty Jesus finds in me.

    it’s amazing what the love of a Savior can do within us. it can make us new, renew us. and saying renew, i mean renew our confidence as well as the rest of our being, heart, mind and soul.

    peace that passes ALL understanding! name it and claim it! blab it and grab it! and never let anything or anyone else tell you otherwise

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