Standing Tall

I got to thinking after my post a couple days ago about confidence.

I got to thinking about the illusion of confidence.

Unless you really, really know someone, or unless you can read people really well, a person can often fool you into thinking they’re confident.

You ever notice the subtle body motions of people? A cute guy walks by, that one girl sits a little straighter. A hot girl walks by, that one guy stands a little taller. An important interview’s coming up, the interviewee squares their shoulders. A meeting with boss in five, the employee straightens their hair or clothes, checks their teeth and marches in.

It’s the illusion of confidence. Why? Because underneath that facade of a smiles, squared shoulder, and a straighter spine is a man/woman shaking in their boots and sweating like they’ve run a marathon.

We all have these moments. Don’t say you don’t because I’m pretty sure you have.

I have found that confidence serves me best when worn 1)with the right frame of mind, 2)with my heart in the right place, and 3)with humility. Without any of these, I know that my confidence is obnoxious to others, doesn’t bring out the best in me, and drives people away.

I’m not trying to show you up. I’m trying to show you I know what I’m doing and that I can do it.

I know I can stand tall on the confidence I have because my feet are firmly planted in 1)the foundation for my confidence, and 2)my belief in myself.

So here’s to standing a little taller, sitting a little straighter, walking a little more firmly. Here’s to keeping your feet planted. Here’s to remembering your confidence isn’t man-made, man-inspired, man-initiated, or man-anything. Your confidence is God-planted, God-given, God-blessed, and God-founded. Don’t let the enemy lead you to believe otherwise. It’s when you listen to his voice instead of His voice that your confidence falters.

That’s when you lose confidence.


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