Hide Behind Your Smile

You can tell so much about a person just by looking at their face, whether the person is a friend or a stranger.

Shifty gazes, tight lips, flushed or pale cheeks. A person’s face reveals a lot more of their reaction than most think.

You can look into a person’s eyes and see what they’re feeling in that moment – joy, sorrow, worry, elation, disappointment, indifference, etc. A person’s will also pale or redden when they react to a situation, a statement, a question, etc. If you’re an expressive person, your face won’t do you any good when it comes to hiding what you’re feeling.

But a smile… A smile can hide so much.

If I’m not close enough to you and I ask how you’re doing, you could smile and say, “Good.” But are you really?

I could ask if everything’s been great for you and you could smile and reply, “Yes.” But has it really?

From a distance, I can’t tell what you hide behind your smile. Even up close, I might not be able to tell. You might be a master at hiding your feelings. You’ve got schooling your features down to an art. You don’t let anyone know how much you’re suffering. You don’t want to bother anyone with your “insignificant” problems.

So, you hide behind your smile.

While your heart breaks, you smile and say you’re doing great. After a night of crying yourself to sleep, you paste on a smile and say you slept well. When your loss is too great to bear, you force a smile and say you’re doing better than before. When worry sucks away at the peace you could have, you smile and say everything’s going to be okay.

You smile and lie while you die a little from the burden you carry.

A Man who loves you, died for you, carries you in His heart doesn’t want you to carry such a heavy load alone. Do you know that He’s right there waiting to ease your heart break, waiting to give you a good night’s rest, waiting to comfort you through your loss, waiting to give you peace a mind?

Do you know He’s waiting for you to smile for real and carry less?

Here’s to recognizing our human weaknesses and acknowledging our need for genuine and unconditional care, comfort and love. Here’s to taking His hand and giving Him our problems.

And because you no longer have a reason to hide, here’s to you smiling a genuine, heartfelt smile.


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