I can hear it

Last night, I spent time resting in your arms. Normally, cuddling with you puts me on your right side. But last night we snuggled on the armchair and I was on your left.

And with my cheek resting against your chest, I could hear your heart beat.

It was strong, steady, sure.

It thudded against my ear, a delicious sound that vibrated my body, a simple reminder that I wasn’t alone.

I can usually hear you around our tiny home, playing with The Kid, yelling at a stupid play by a sports figure or a dumb call by some pea brained ump. I can usually see you walking around the house or messing with The Kid, an ear-to-ear grin on your face as she dissolves into a fit of giggles.

I like that I can see and hear you, know that you’re not far away.

But last night…

Time in your arms, hearing your heart beat, is a moment that I will cherish. Our lives are busy, yes, and yet when we find time to embrace like that it means more to me than if you take me out on a million dates or fly me away with you to some exotic vacation.

Because, not even twelve hours later, I can still hear it, the strong and reassuring sound of your heart beat drumming softly in my ears, my head and my own heart.


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