One of the nice things about my long commute home is the chatter time I get in with The Kid. The ride home is anywhere from an hour to an hour and fifteen, twenty minutes, depending on traffic. She talks (almost) non-stop from the Peninsula to the East Bay, asking questions about interesting things she sees, or commenting on weird things she sees.

It was on one of our drives home that she stated, “Mommy, I wish I had a little sister.”

Her seemingly random statement (random because she talking about trucks and motorcycles seconds before) made me laugh and smile. When I didn’t say anything, she added, “And I want her to be just like me.”

Okay. Now. My smile faded when I heard that part (don’t jump down my throat lol) and I felt something akin to horror and anxiety. If any of you know The Kid, you know she’s precocious and too adult-like for a soon-to-be four-year-old. Her mentality and vocabulary shock me (and I do mean shock ’cause she said something the other day she shouldn’t have), and her behavior reminds me of a teenager.

This might be every parent’s dream to have an advanced child, and I’m thankful that she is the way she is, but can you imagine another one of her? In my house? Driving me as batty as she does?

Um… Yeah…

There’s nothing wrong with The Kid, trust me, but I’m not sure I can handle two of her. Actually, I know I can’t. Her being her is it for me. I’m thankful she’s smart, inquisitive, and helpful but…


So while she’s wishing for a sister who’s just like her, I’m silently praying for the next one to not be like her. Oh, I know every kid born to a set of parents is different, but I’d like the next one to be a little more… subdued? LOL Sounds bad, I know, but one rambunctious child is enough. Adding another to the mix…

πŸ™‚ Here’s to listening to The Kid’s wish, and praying for the complete opposite.

But here’s also to praying for a healthy baby when the time’s right. No matter what we have, boy or girl, they will be ours, they will be loved, and they will have a big sister who (hopefully) will lend them a helping hand when they need it.


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