Questions? Comments?

For those of with talking children, you’ve probably had the pleasure of playing twenty questions with them. The round usually starts with something that catches their interest, or maybe something that piques their interest, and goes from there.

The Kid and I usually go ninety minutes or so of questions at least four days a week. That’s the length of our commute home.

That’s ninety minutes of “what is” or “why does” or “what does” or “why is” or whatever else she fancies to ask. It could be as innocent as “What does overcast mean?” or as complex as “Why does the sun rise and set?”

Amongst the questions, though, she always manages to throw in a few comments. They could range from “This bridge sure is long” to “I had an okay day today” to “I like this song! Sing it with me!”

Getting home, I’m usually all talked out. Ninety minutes of almost non-stop talking is a lot of talking for me, lol. Odd for a woman, I think.

But I don’t mind chatting it up with The Kid, teaching her new words, defining them, explaining things.

Here’s to continuous chatter about everything and anything. Here’s to her continued curiosity. Here’s to keeping me on my toes with her questions.

Here’s to more evenings filled (well, partially filled) with almost non-stop questions and comments.


2 thoughts on “Questions? Comments?

  1. Here’s to having a daughter who wants to talk to you! I have one too, and she’s nearly a teen – I am so thankful for it, even though I have to remind myself of how wonderful it is sometimes 🙂

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