August 8, 2012

Almost a month ago, I found out I’m pregnant with Kid 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

About a week after that, I was over it. LOL That might sound horrible but those that know me, know I was the same way when pregnant with Kid 1. Does that mean I regret getting pregnant? Absolutely not. It just means I’m part of that small percentage of women that don’t enjoy being pregnant.

But, enough griping.

Two children is what B and I planned for early on in our marriage. Yeah, some couples probably don’t talk kids that early but we did. We planned for two and (yay!) we’re having our second next year.

You know how people say every pregnancy is different? Yeah. I now know what they mean.

Kid 1 was a super easy pregnancy. I ate everything and anything, never had nausea, and was my normal (define that how you will) self for the most part. Kid 1, further along in the pregnancy, hardly moved too. Kid 1 would roll or have hiccups but wasn’t a kicker or stretcher.

Kid 2… Yeah, this one’s like the dark side of the moon. Eating’s a chore. I don’t eat much it seems in comparison to the first pregnancy. Food’s the enemy. Sometimes it’s just the smell of food that’ll make my stomach roll. I wonder if my face turns green? Hmm… Might have to ask B to take a picture, lol.

I’m also more emotional during this pregnancy. Things that normally wouldn’t make me get all teary-eyed do just that. There’s more moments than I can count where my heart’s in my throat or I’m overwhelmed to the point that it’s difficult to speak.

But there’s one thing that’s the same now as it was with Kid 1 – forgetfulness.

Dude! LOL I forget so much. I mean, I was forgetful before but now… Psh! You’re lucky if I remember tomorrow what I did today!

There’s ups and downs to being pregnant but I’m happy that I am. Kid 1’s ready for a brother or sister. While B is anxious for a son (what father isn’t?) and Kid 1 is equally anxious for a sister, I’m just anxious to give birth to a healthy baby. Every parent’s dream is to welcome a healthy baby into this world, but even when that dream is taken away, we don’t voice our displeasure over having a child with disabilities. Every child is precious. Every child deserves to be loved. Every child is a gift.

To Kid 2 –

I can’t wait for you to arrive. No, seriously, I can’t, lol! One, you’ll be out of me! But two (and most importantly) you’ll be here. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t wait for you to meet Kid 1. She’s a handful – independent, stubborn, opinionated, but so helpful and loving. And I can’t wait for you to meet your dad. He’s an amazing man who works hard, loves harder, and (in truth) is like a big kid. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll love messing around with him like Kid 1 does.

You’ll be here next spring *sigh* which isn’t soon enough. See you then. ๐Ÿ™‚


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