Glyburide = Trial & Error

To help lower my morning fasting sugar levels, my doctor prescribed glyburide. I take it at night with my dinner and it helps lower my sugar levels while I sleep. For two mornings, I woke up at 3am to test my blood sugar. Morning 1 was good. Morning 2 was…horrible. I woke up shaky, sweaty and nauseous. I tested low and had to eat at 3am to bring my sugar levels back up.

When I reported the readings to Kaiser’s Perinatal department yesterday, they cut my dose in half. At 3am this morning, I tested again and my readings were good. But by the time I did my fasting sugar level (8 hours after last night’s snack) it was at 101.

Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. I wanted to scream and curse. Instead, I called the Perinatal department and spoke to an RN. Seems that even with the glyburide I need to take my fasting sugar levels before the 8 hour mark and eat earlier in the morning than they originally told me to.


It’s all trial and error. It’s still irritating, lol, but at least I’m getting there.


Apparently glyburide can make you hungrier than normal.

Snacks for a woman with GD should be every 2 to 3 hours. But a woman who has GD and is taking glyburide will, unbeknownst to me, eat almost every 90 minutes.

Thank God I can call Kaiser’s Perinatal department whenever because after my lunch reading today I was ready to cry. And thank God for RNs who are understanding and can explain that it’s nothing I did wrong, that all I have to do is adjust my snack schedule and snack more often.

Oh, and stay away from brown rice for lunch. It makes my blood sugar levels shoot through the roof!


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