Easing Kid 1’s Mind

Kid 1 was bothered by something.

Her unusual clingy-ness to B was adorable. At first. Then it became a concern.

Since her normal behavior is to be as independent of us as possible for a five-year-old, it was obvious (mostly to B) that something was wrong.

So he sat her down one night and asked what was bothering her.

In typical female fashion, she denied anything was wrong, insisted she was fine by saying “Nothing” each time he asked what was wrong.

But, see, a parent’s instinct is almost never wrong. Especially when you have a strong-willed, independent, bullheaded kid like ours.

B asked her over and over again until she finally admitted the problem: She didn’t want us to forget about her when the baby arrived.

It nearly broke my heart to hear her say that, to believe that a child could believe–for even a moment–that they’d be forgotten in the excitement of a new baby being in our home.

And I know B felt the same.

He reassured her, as only a father can do, that she would never be forgotten. He told her that it would be exciting to have a new baby in the house, but that she would always be remembered and included in everything we did for the baby.

To which Kid 1 adamantly, and quite bluntly, stated, “I’m not changing its diapers! No thank you!”

The return of her inability to filter her mouth lightened the seriousness of the conversation, and made me, once again, appreciate the father B is.

He sees, he reaches out, he listens, he reassures.

Seeing a man step up to the plate to be that kind of a father is not only heartwarming, but it gives me hope that Kid 1 will one day marry a man who is that kind of man to their own children.


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