Write, Right?

It’s been several months since I last wrote something worth writing.

Over the course of my six-week maternity leave, I sat back and read what I’d already written. My earlier works were horrible. (Carrie will probably disagree, lol.) My more current works definitely show improvement.

The birth of K2 brought a flood of story lines, plots, scenarios, antagonists, and protagonists to mind. Worlds began to form in my mind. Conversations between characters went from whispers to screams.

But everything’s jumbled.

So I’ve decided to type out the bits and pieces of what’s going on my head so I know where to go later.

And for now, I’m fine-tuning a paranormal and looking for a publishing house for a contemporary.

I must say, I’m excited about where writing takes me, and I’m even more excited about the people I meet through my writing. (Carrie, we’re still on for that trip in a few years, right?) And I hope that what I write does my characters justice.

Because, seriously, who wants to read a story that’s only minimally engaging?

No thanks.


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