Set The Tone

I had a terrific laugh this morning coming into work.

While driving on 280 S, I watched a silver car cut off a dark gray car, missing the front bumper by mere millimeters. The driver of the gray car promptly flipped the other driver off, then proceeded to chase the offender through traffic.

All the while, the driver of the gray car left his/her hand sticking out of the window with the finger prominently displayed.

And all the while I wondered how many other drivers thought they were getting the finger!

And I also wondered how that incident left the offended driver feeling. It was obvious they were irate–can’t really blame them–but was it really necessary to chase the offender with your middle finger on display for all of 280 to see?

Hmm… Probably not.

And as I drove over the connecting ramp from 280 S to 92 E, I hoped the offended driver had a better day ahead of them.

What sets the tone for your day? When one little thing upsets it (getting cut off in traffic, waking up late, no money for the toll, forgot your lunch, etc.) how do you let it affect your day?

Bad things happen, sure. But a bad day is avoidable, in my opinion, if one learns to change their perspective and see things from the other end of the telescope.

Yes, you got cut off in traffic…but you made it to your destination safe and sound.
Yes, you woke up late…but you woke up.
Yes, you forgot money for the toll…but you were able to pay for your gas, your car, your phone, etc.
Yes, you forgot your lunch…but at least you have food to bring for lunch.

Too much negativity is bad for you. It poisons your heart and your soul. It causes you to complain about every little thing. It births displeasure in you for everything around you. It robs you of the ability to enjoy, truly enjoy, the little things.

And you miss out by choosing to dwell on the negative, on that one bad thing.

A great day is always waiting to happen every time you rise to greet a new day. Don’t let that great day go to waste. Don’t let one bad thing ruin it for you.

Let your perspective set the tone.


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