Walk It Out

Yoga’s been a complete no-go this past week.


And I felt like a complete failure.

But while yoga’s been shelved (I should’ve put more thought into when I would do yoga), walking has not. For some of you health addicts and gym rats, walking might not seem like a big deal.

But when you’re short on time like I am, walking’s a huge deal. πŸ™‚

I walk five days a week now, half an hour each day, and always in the same place: the waterfront here in Foster City.

One, the view is spectacular. I can see out across the bay, watch traffic cross the bridge, and (sometimes) see para-sailors cutting through the waves on a good windy day.

Two, there’s always resistance when walking along the waterfront. On almost any given day, there’s a healthy breeze coming off the bay into Foster City. You might start off wearing a sweatshirt to walk but that sucker’s coming off before you’re done, trust me.

Three, there’s a ton of interesting people to meet out there. A lot of moms with strollers, joggers (young and old), walkers (again, young and old), and lunch-ers (there’s tables/benches along the route).

In hindsight (meaning as I write this, lol), I realize that I wasn’t a failure last week. While I didn’t do my exercise of choice, I did exercise. And that counts for something in my long-term goal of getting and staying healthy.




So if you’re like me and just starting to exercise again, here’s a word of encouragement to help you along: Walk it out.


Trust me, you’ll like how far you go (literally and figuratively).


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