Then & Now

Kid 1 was born in 2007. And I was ill-prepared for motherhood and what it all entailed.

No one told me it’d be sleepless nights, constant diaper changing, and difficulty with nursing said kid. No one mentioned the spit ups, the crying, or the frustration that came with not knowing what the kid was crying for.

Fast forward to 2013, when Kid 2 entered this world.

I was better prepared this time, more ready to care for this baby. Nothing that surprised me before surprises me now.

Except that I’m not so easily frustrated this time around.

Kid 2 cries. A lot. And over almost everything. Wet diaper, dirty diaper, hungry, tired, cold, blah, blah, blah. I tell B she’s a temperamental little thing. And very much a girl, lol.

Kid 1 was a complacent baby. She hardly cried or fussed over anything. She was happy to just be, and maybe raise a ruckus every now and then over something. Kid 2… Completely different story.

Makes me wonder how Kid 2 will be when she grows up? Kid 1 has a strong personality. It poked its little head out when she was about eighteen months and has developed oh-so-nicely over the past few years. What if Kid 2 turns out like Kid 1? Heaven help us all if that happens, lol! Hmm… Maybe I should start planning a trip to the nearest psych ward, huh? Or maybe a month long vacation somewhere remote? 😉

The differences between then (2007) and now (2013) isn’t just time or experience. It’s age. Perhaps it’s a good thing we waited so long to have another child. I wonder if I would be this patient with the whole crying thing if we’d had another a year or two after having Kid 1?


Probably not.


Watch Them Grow

Kid 2 is twelve days old now.

And she’s filling in more too. Her face is rounder, her body more solid.

B and I marvel at her strength, at how much she reminds us of Kid 1 when she was Kid 2’s age.

Kid 2 has been able to lift her head on her own since she was five days old. She’s got a killer grip for an infant, and she can (with a little bit of support) stand upright for a few seconds.

It’s amazing to watch her grow.

And completely humbling to know that God’s entrusted us with her, and her sister’s, care.

So we’ll strive to raise them as God would have us raise them, pray for His guidance in their lives, make sure they know we love them equally, hope they understand that they are not carbon copies of each other but beautiful individuals crafted for a specific purpose by their Father.

And years from now we’ll reminisce over their rambunctious and wild behavior as children, laugh at those “embarrassing” moments they had during their teenage years, and marvel at their accomplishments.

We’ll watch them grow from infants to children to teens to women.

And pray we’ll survive with all our faculties in tact. 😉

Easing Kid 1’s Mind

Kid 1 was bothered by something.

Her unusual clingy-ness to B was adorable. At first. Then it became a concern.

Since her normal behavior is to be as independent of us as possible for a five-year-old, it was obvious (mostly to B) that something was wrong.

So he sat her down one night and asked what was bothering her.

In typical female fashion, she denied anything was wrong, insisted she was fine by saying “Nothing” each time he asked what was wrong.

But, see, a parent’s instinct is almost never wrong. Especially when you have a strong-willed, independent, bullheaded kid like ours.

B asked her over and over again until she finally admitted the problem: She didn’t want us to forget about her when the baby arrived.

It nearly broke my heart to hear her say that, to believe that a child could believe–for even a moment–that they’d be forgotten in the excitement of a new baby being in our home.

And I know B felt the same.

He reassured her, as only a father can do, that she would never be forgotten. He told her that it would be exciting to have a new baby in the house, but that she would always be remembered and included in everything we did for the baby.

To which Kid 1 adamantly, and quite bluntly, stated, “I’m not changing its diapers! No thank you!”

The return of her inability to filter her mouth lightened the seriousness of the conversation, and made me, once again, appreciate the father B is.

He sees, he reaches out, he listens, he reassures.

Seeing a man step up to the plate to be that kind of a father is not only heartwarming, but it gives me hope that Kid 1 will one day marry a man who is that kind of man to their own children.

August 8, 2012

Almost a month ago, I found out I’m pregnant with Kid 2. 🙂

About a week after that, I was over it. LOL That might sound horrible but those that know me, know I was the same way when pregnant with Kid 1. Does that mean I regret getting pregnant? Absolutely not. It just means I’m part of that small percentage of women that don’t enjoy being pregnant.

But, enough griping.

Two children is what B and I planned for early on in our marriage. Yeah, some couples probably don’t talk kids that early but we did. We planned for two and (yay!) we’re having our second next year.

You know how people say every pregnancy is different? Yeah. I now know what they mean.

Kid 1 was a super easy pregnancy. I ate everything and anything, never had nausea, and was my normal (define that how you will) self for the most part. Kid 1, further along in the pregnancy, hardly moved too. Kid 1 would roll or have hiccups but wasn’t a kicker or stretcher.

Kid 2… Yeah, this one’s like the dark side of the moon. Eating’s a chore. I don’t eat much it seems in comparison to the first pregnancy. Food’s the enemy. Sometimes it’s just the smell of food that’ll make my stomach roll. I wonder if my face turns green? Hmm… Might have to ask B to take a picture, lol.

I’m also more emotional during this pregnancy. Things that normally wouldn’t make me get all teary-eyed do just that. There’s more moments than I can count where my heart’s in my throat or I’m overwhelmed to the point that it’s difficult to speak.

But there’s one thing that’s the same now as it was with Kid 1 – forgetfulness.

Dude! LOL I forget so much. I mean, I was forgetful before but now… Psh! You’re lucky if I remember tomorrow what I did today!

There’s ups and downs to being pregnant but I’m happy that I am. Kid 1’s ready for a brother or sister. While B is anxious for a son (what father isn’t?) and Kid 1 is equally anxious for a sister, I’m just anxious to give birth to a healthy baby. Every parent’s dream is to welcome a healthy baby into this world, but even when that dream is taken away, we don’t voice our displeasure over having a child with disabilities. Every child is precious. Every child deserves to be loved. Every child is a gift.

To Kid 2 –

I can’t wait for you to arrive. No, seriously, I can’t, lol! One, you’ll be out of me! But two (and most importantly) you’ll be here. 🙂

I can’t wait for you to meet Kid 1. She’s a handful – independent, stubborn, opinionated, but so helpful and loving. And I can’t wait for you to meet your dad. He’s an amazing man who works hard, loves harder, and (in truth) is like a big kid. 🙂 You’ll love messing around with him like Kid 1 does.

You’ll be here next spring *sigh* which isn’t soon enough. See you then. 🙂

Questions? Comments?

For those of with talking children, you’ve probably had the pleasure of playing twenty questions with them. The round usually starts with something that catches their interest, or maybe something that piques their interest, and goes from there.

The Kid and I usually go ninety minutes or so of questions at least four days a week. That’s the length of our commute home.

That’s ninety minutes of “what is” or “why does” or “what does” or “why is” or whatever else she fancies to ask. It could be as innocent as “What does overcast mean?” or as complex as “Why does the sun rise and set?”

Amongst the questions, though, she always manages to throw in a few comments. They could range from “This bridge sure is long” to “I had an okay day today” to “I like this song! Sing it with me!”

Getting home, I’m usually all talked out. Ninety minutes of almost non-stop talking is a lot of talking for me, lol. Odd for a woman, I think.

But I don’t mind chatting it up with The Kid, teaching her new words, defining them, explaining things.

Here’s to continuous chatter about everything and anything. Here’s to her continued curiosity. Here’s to keeping me on my toes with her questions.

Here’s to more evenings filled (well, partially filled) with almost non-stop questions and comments.