The week in pictures

B asked me to braid The Kid’s hair. Anyone know how hard it is to braid a three-year-old’s hair especially when she just refuses to have it braided? It’s difficult!

However, I think the end result was terrific!

But it only lasted like an hour or so.

Oh well!

I think this is also the night we had pork chops for dinner. The Kid likes to chew on bones (I have no idea why but she does).

I blame my mom for this strange habit. My mom likes to do this. Must be a Samoan thing.

Yeah, that’s a good excuse!

She also wanted to read. Sometimes she wants us to read to her. Sometimes she wants to read to us.

On this night, she wanted to read. I’m not sure what story she was reading but it seemed to make sense to her.

It’s pretty cool when she reads. Like it said, it usually doesn’t make sense but she reads with enthusiasm.

Who am I to discourage that???

But then she got tired of reading out loud so she read to herself.

She wanted her picture with her ladybug pillow pet.

But after I took it she said she needed a picture of “her two best friends.”

Her ladybug pillow pet and her piggy bank.

“Two best friends.”

Then this morning she wanted to make breakfast. Well, breakfast for one.

Meaning herself.

So, with help of course, she made scrambled eggs. She scrambled them in a bowl, poured it into the pan, and cooked them. B and I watched her, helped her, guided her hands and they turned out perfect! 🙂

The chicken nuggets are from last night. And they’re made in the oven so I did that. Psh. She ain’t going near an oven for a few years lol!

Did I mention she likes see-food?


My bad!


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